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Here are some testimonials from people I've worked with..

"I have worked with Mark on live and recording projects. For both he has been exceptional in his musicianship.


For the recording project I was provided with all the drum tracks (stems) for my project which were easy to insert into my track and they sound AMAZING!


Well produced and recorded - this guy knows his stuff.


I highly recommend Mark - he is also a nice guy - so easy to work with and always wants to make sure you're happy with his work - & adaptable to make changes."

Rachel Redman - Singer/Songwriter

"I've worked with Mark for over a decade in several band settings both live and on recordings.


He is an extremely talented musician, who is dedicated to his craft and bringing his best and a real team player.


He's fun to have around but brings focus too and is a guy of real integrity - a genuine asset to any musical project he's involved with. Highly recommend."

Kate Bond - Vineyard Music
Review Continuation

"I work with Mark both in live performances and recording projects. He is an extremely talented musician and recording engineer with a passion and dedication to do a fantastic job.


He is a great guy to work with, with a good sense of humour and commitment to ensure that the end result is perfect. Highly recommend!"

Jane Taylor - Vocalist

"I've loved working with Mark on a number of live and recorded projects.


He is a skilled, creative and adaptable drummer and very gifted all-round musician.


He brings a huge amount of skill and knowledge to both playing and production, and he's also friendly, reliable and a lot of fun to work with.


Top guy!"

Libby James - Vineyard Music

"I have worked with Mark for several years and have always found him to be enthusiastic & dedicated about his work.


His professionalism means that he will get the very best from each project. He is a team player and easy to work with which is always a plus!"

Stacey O'Shea - Vocalist

"I have worked with Mark on and off in both live and recording environments for over a decade.


He always brings 100% to the project and clearly invests time in preparation work.


He is a highly skilled musician and recording engineer who is constantly learning new ideas, styles and techniques.


He always puts the song first rather than trying to over play or over complicate things. I would highly recommend Mark to any project."

Steve Brown - Vineyard Worship

"Mark is a solid drummer in all styles and works hard at his craft. He's flexible, approachable and easy to get along with. He also knows a lot about technology, which is very useful!"

Martin Edwards - Plaza Club House Band

"Having played and recorded with Mark over a number of years I can say it is always an enjoyable experience.


Mark is a very conscientious musician with a eye for detail and accuracy, and a commitment to high standards, both in his playing and production.


Always reliable, but with a relaxed and easy going persona, its always an enjoyable and productive experience working with Mark."

Glynn Morris - Vineyard Worship

"Mark joined our band a few years ago after a stunning audition. He was really well prepared, sounded and fitted in great and got the job hands down.

Since then we have found out he is a man of many talents, he can play pretty much any style, finds the groove and brings so much more to the band. 

His technical ability extends to applying samples through triggers, adding back tracks and recording, mixing and producing demos. 

Mark is a really easy going guy to get along with, he's a great listener and contributor, 100% reliable and a pleasure work with."

Dom Manton - Guitarist
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