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Musicians I've helped

Here are a handful of musicians and artists I have helped over my time recording drums for their songs 

Ian is a singer/songwriter based in Gloucestershire UK.


It was such a pleasure helping him out with his music. He writes and plays guitars and sent me some rough takes of his music to have a look at. All of these songs had programmed drum loops which he'd done and he said 'he wasn't sure about them as they didn't sound right and what a drummer would play'.

Ian Testimonial

I sent him back a few different ideas on the drums as to what we could do and we settled on one idea. In the process of doing the recordings he said that it was 'so cool to hear real drums' on his music.

David Ringel fronts the David Paul band. He's a singer/songwriter based in the US writing some great songs and in his own words his songs are 'A touch of rock, country, bluegrass and folk. All about the storytelling.'

I helped David with three of his songs - sending over some initial ideas and from there we went onto record the drums for his songs.

David Testimonial
Rach Redman Testimonial

Rachel writes and produces her own songs - she is very gifted in what she does.


She asked me to record drums for her songs giving me directive as to what she needed 

Let me know if I can help you in the same way adding real drums to your songs and taking them up to the next level!


Email or message me if you want to get started with your songs. 

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