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How It Works

Step 1

The first step to getting great sounding drums

You're interested in getting some great sounding drums from me. 

Get in contact using either this form or emailing me at record@markmidwinterdrums

Step 1

The first step to getting great sounding drums

You're interested in getting some great sounding drums from me. 

Get in contact and tell me all about your project. Even if you're not sure what you want at this stage - email me and we can talk. 

Step 2

Getting an idea of what you need from me

Once I've got all the information I need I'll email you with a proposal of what I can offer you including any additional extras.

Step 3

Let's set the date!

Once you're happy with the proposal I've sent we can look to set a date to get the recording done. 


To do this I will need to take a deposit. This will ensure that you're booked in for the date and the recording is done on the arranged date.

Step 4

The drums are down!

The drum recording is done! I'll send you the drums I've tracked in your song to let you hear how it sounds. 

If there are bits that are niggling you and not quite right then I'll look to re-do those sections of the songs until you are 100% happy!

Happy clients are my number one priority :)

Step 5

Download the drum stems

Once payment of the outstanding balance is made I'll upload the stems for the drums and send out a link for you to download them. 

Meet Ian..

Ian is a singer/songwriter based in Gloucestershire UK.


It was such a pleasure helping him out with his music. He writes and plays guitars and sent me some rough takes of his music to have a look at. All of these songs had programmed drum loops which he'd done and he said 'he wasn't sure about them as they didn't sound right and what a drummer would play'.

Testimonial Ian.png

I sent him back a few different ideas on the drums as to what we could do and we settled on one idea. In the process of doing the recordings he said that it was 'so cool to hear real drums' on his music.


Let me know if I can help you in the same way as I helped Ian by adding real drums to your songs and taking them up to the next level!


Email or message me if you want to get started with your songs. 


Mark MIdwinter .jpg

I'm a professional drummer and know what is needed to make the drums sound great in a song. 

Read more about me here...

Are you ready to do this? Hit the button below to get in touch and get drums on your song!

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