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No Great Things came from Comfort Zones

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

I realised early on that not getting out of my comfort zone directly affected my growth in creativity, focus and self-confidence.

Great things never came from comfort zones
Great things never came from comfort zones

And it’s true that the initial fear of the thought of failure can seem so big that it stops us from doing the bigger things.

But by starting in doing some small thing to push us out of our comfort zones can have massive effect in a positive way which in turn helps to want us to reach for the bigger things that drive us further out of our comfort zone in time.

The end result is amazing growth and wanting to get out of the comfort zone more as we realise that it actually really helps us in the long term.

What about you? Have you had experience of this? Or what can you do today to start to get out of that comfort zone - comment below 👇🏻


Mark Midwinter online session drummer

Mark is an online session drummer and producer based in Reading UK providing remotely recorded drums to clients all over the world.

His main focus on the drums is to always serve the song and listen to what is being played by the other instruments in the band. Be aware of the song and how it develops.

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