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Musician's Survival Kit

There are days it can be tough knowing why we started doing music! It's because we LOVE it and with the down days we always have the up days. For those down days look to prepare and safeguard yourself with some of these survival tactics that really do work! Try some of these techniques out and let me know.


The mind is such a powerful tool - and we can train it to work to our benefit. Imagine the venue (or band) you really want to be playing. Sit down close your eyes and think about you on the stage looking out - think about all the other details, such as sounds, smells and lighting - like really imagine you're there.

Build on feedback

As you go through your musical life they'll be people who pay you compliments about your music or how you sounded. Keep a list of this positive feedback and date it if possible. Read through this when needed!

Use resonating phrases

Make a list of positive phrases that resonate with you - one of those for me 'Being the best version of you' when I go into the world of comparing myself with everyone else around me.

Practice reframing

Train that inner voice to speak positivity to you rather than negativity. As an example - instead of saying to yourself 'Oh I always mess that bit up' try → 'I haven't quite got that yet'

Build your resilience

Tap into your strengths as a person and also the people around you in the down times. Also make a point of telling yourself that this is only one point in time and there are the 'ups' to come!!


Mark Midwinter online session drummer

Mark is an online session drummer based in Reading UK providing remotely recorded drums to clients all over the world.

His main focus on the drums is to always serve the song and listen to what is being played by the other instruments in the band. It's always about the song.

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